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I’ve posted several of my meditations below that can help you feel better about your life NOW!

There is no cost to listen.

Please note that each recording may ask you to fill out a worksheet prior to listening. That is not necessary to get excellent results. If you are looking for personal help with this or any other issue, please contact me directly by clicking HERE.

A Remedy for Anger  –  Anger is the ‘Elephant in the Room’ in today’s society. This Program is designed to release your attachment to those feelings associated with anger such as frustration, irritation, and resentment. You need only switch on the recording and remember to repeat your cue word as you listen. Over a short period of time you’ll notice yourself automatically responding ‘differently’ to life’s situations and circumstances.

A Remedy for Fear  –  Fear is something that most of us are familiar with. Some battle with fear on a daily basis and it is to those people this program is directed. Over time listening to this program and repeating your cue word will release your attachment to the fear. It will no longer be in the driver’s seat. 

Remedy for Grief – Grief is a natural process that usually allows a person to move on with their lives at the appropriate time. Sometimes that natural process gets stuck. Grief is not confined to the loss of a person. One can also grieve the loss of possessions, the loss of your identity or the loss of your way of life. This program will help you move on and live again.

Remedy for Shame – Shame and humiliation strike to the very heart of our acceptance of ourselves. Shame a person enough and loving acceptance of self-becomes a dream. With repeated listening, this remedy makes the feeling of shame go away forever. 

Bedtime Therapy  –  Listen to this soothing 29 minute recording every night before sleep for 21 days and you’ll notice that all parts of your life will begin to ‘smooth’ out. Highly recommended for those living in stressful situations.

Release your attachment to difficult feelings, limiting beliefs and attitudes that seemingly hold you prisoner

… and START LIVING in a freer, more enjoyable, more confident way .