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Body Centered ZPoint

After introducing Body Centered ZPoint, I asked Kathleen Kathleen Meryck, MNCP (Snr.Accred.) ~ Healing Detective to take a look and test it to her satisfaction. This is the first report she’s made. I expect to her post more. 🙂 Hi Grant, Body Centred ZPoint Here is feedback on my first experience of using the above – … Continue reading Body Centered ZPoint

Interview with a Wise Woman

A few days ago I interviewed a woman (who shall remain nameless) concerning inappropriate behavior by her brother-in-law that had been ignored by her family for decades. Listen to how this unresolved personal drama may be playing itself out again from a past life. And then listen to how she finally resolved all of this … Continue reading Interview with a Wise Woman

Working with Grant

I offer personal individual sessions as set out below:  ZPoint For Relationships – The purpose of these sessions is to help you release your attachment to difficult feelings and self-destructive behaviors that can develop over time in marriages or other long-term relationships. The intent of these sessions is to enable you to easily and quickly … Continue reading Working with Grant

Open Heart Surgery brings a Priceless Gift

On February 15th, 2016 I underwent Open Heart Surgery and since then I discovered that my ability to connect with people on a very deep Intuitive level has DRAMATICALLY improved. Where before I came from my HEAD and typically ignored how I really felt about things, after the operation, how I really feel about EVERYTHING … Continue reading Open Heart Surgery brings a Priceless Gift

Grant Interviewed about ZPoint

A few days ago I was interviewed by Rebecca Gordon who is a radio host, published author and Licensed Life Direction Coach from the United Kingdom. Rebecca asks very good questions and I think if you listen to the interview below you can learn a great deal about ZPoint. I have been interviewed quite a … Continue reading Grant Interviewed about ZPoint