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Helping an ER Nurse with PTSD

Submitted by Lee Osborne – I wanted to include this particular session that I had today. This was a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of using the body based method. My client is an ER nurse with PTSD. She is currently on a short term stress leave from work. She contacted me at our scheduled … Continue reading Helping an ER Nurse with PTSD

Facing Your Bear!

I’ve told this story a few times in the past because it illustrates how FEAR can successfully be approached and resolved. A few weeks after I was first married, my ex wife woke up in bed beside me screaming in terror and bathed in sweat. After holding her and calming her down I asked her … Continue reading Facing Your Bear!

Body Centered ZPoint

After introducing Body Centered ZPoint, I asked Kathleen Kathleen Meryck, MNCP (Snr.Accred.) ~ Healing Detective to take a look and test it to her satisfaction. This is the first report she’s made. I expect to her post more. 🙂 Hi Grant, Body Centred ZPoint Here is feedback on my first experience of using the above – … Continue reading Body Centered ZPoint


In the past week I’ve received several e-mails from people who are highly resistant to allowing most energy techniques, including ZPoint, to work. Rather than respond individually I thought it might be a good idea to send my reply to everyone. I’m sure there are many more people that fall under the category of “highly … Continue reading How to get past INTENSE RESISTANCE

I know what it’s like to live with FEAR!

Until I was 50, I woke up with FEAR sitting in my stomach every day. I wasn’t afraid of anything specific, I was just over all afraid and that feeling of fear was always there, just waiting to be felt in my chest and in my stomach. Many people grow really tired of feeling their … Continue reading I know what it’s like to live with FEAR!

The Magic Word for Children

Use the following instruction to help children deal with difficult emotions. It works beautifully. … in fact, it can be any word he or she chooses. And after he/she has chosen a special magic word to make the difficult feelings go away, you can say: “To turn your magic word on, All you have to do … Continue reading The Magic Word for Children

Peace always begins with me

Peace always begins with me. These are not just words, they are a statement of fact. No matter what situation I find myself in, peace always begins with me. When I walk into a room, no matter what’s going on, I am peaceful and that peace extends like a bubble around me. When I speak … Continue reading Peace always begins with me

Open Heart Surgery brings a Priceless Gift

On February 15th, 2016 I underwent Open Heart Surgery and since then I discovered that my ability to connect with people on a very deep Intuitive level has DRAMATICALLY improved. Where before I came from my HEAD and typically ignored how I really felt about things, after the operation, how I really feel about EVERYTHING … Continue reading Open Heart Surgery brings a Priceless Gift

What LOVE means to a 4 – 8 year old!

A group of professionals posed the following question to a group of children aged 4 to 8 years old. That question was… What does LOVE mean? The answers they received showed that deep wisdom can come directly from these children.  Enjoy! “When my Grandmother got Arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore, … Continue reading What LOVE means to a 4 – 8 year old!

What does a having a ZPoint Session Feel Like?

Below is a letter I received around the end of March 2012. I send it on for several reasons. Most important, the the writer clearly and poetically describes what happens during an actual ZPoint session and how it affects the person having the session. — Rely on Peace to activate your manifold powers, pacify your … Continue reading What does a having a ZPoint Session Feel Like?