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Emotional Housecleaning

Are there failures in your life that you still blame yourself for?Do you have BIG regrets that still cause upset & pain or fears that you simply can’t face?—–You were born to be happy and fulfilled. Often, the only thing that stops you from finding that happiness is that you become unconsciously focused on the things you … Continue reading Emotional Housecleaning


In the past week I’ve received several e-mails from people who are highly resistant to allowing most energy techniques, including ZPoint, to work. Rather than respond individually I thought it might be a good idea to send my reply to everyone. I’m sure there are many more people that fall under the category of “highly … Continue reading How to get past INTENSE RESISTANCE

#1 Reason People are Unhappy

Of course we all know why many people are unhappy. They don’t have enough money to do the things in life they want to do. Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be happy. However, having the money to do the things you want to do when you want to do them, goes a … Continue reading #1 Reason People are Unhappy

I am here to Love and so are YOU

Last year, I spent some time crawling around the ruins of Saqsaywaman high in the mountains of Peru. One night as I slept, physically exhausted from the altitude at 11, 300 feet, I woke up with my heart beating wildly and feeling an amazing feeling of bliss. It was almost too blissful to stand it. … Continue reading I am here to Love and so are YOU

The Best Of All Possible Outcomes

Don’t be afraid when you look around and see your life so changed. It may be friendships gone, job gone, money situation changed, health declining or relationship ending. Or, you just may feel different about your life inside, so whether or not you admit it, you are looking for change or it wouldn’t be happening. … Continue reading The Best Of All Possible Outcomes

The OLD Ways and The OLD Energy

OLD energy can be called anything that lowers your vibration such as Anger, Resentment, Fear, Doubt, Jealousy or Rage. When feeling this ‘OLD Energy’ you are not conscious of who you really are and become someone else. You become Anger, you become Fear, you become Doubt or Jealousy personified. I can recall earlier times in … Continue reading The OLD Ways and The OLD Energy

One thought on “Personal Sessions with Grant”

Blessings Grant: I have achieved so much personal growth over the years, through your guidance and Zpoint. This year the growth seemed to be in leaps and bounds. Sometimes it’s subtle and at other times it slaps me up the side of my head. Recently I have been looking at ways to center myself and … Continue reading One thought on “Personal Sessions with Grant”