Emotional Housecleaning

Are there failures in your life that you still blame yourself for?
Do you have BIG regrets that still cause upset & pain or fears that you simply can’t face?
You were born to be happy and fulfilled. 
Often, the only thing that stops you from finding that happiness is that you become unconsciously focused on the things you DON’T want to experience. 
And you don’t want to experience them because the residue of those past unhappy experiences still remain in your subconscious like garbage rotting unseen in a closet. 
You know you would benefit from an emotional housecleaning when your focus is on things you want to AVOID rather than things you look forward to.
So, perhaps it’s time to clean out your emotional closet and start attracting those things that make you HAPPY and fulfilled!
My Emotional Housecleaning Program consists of 4 one hour personal sessions with me over Skype. The cost is $160.00 USD for all 4 sessions.
To make sure we clear every nook and cranny, I’ll send you links to download my “Clearing the Next 30 Days” recording (a $29.00USD value) at no cost to you as part of the package. 
If you’d like to participate, send me an email with a good time to call you and we’ll set it up right away. 

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