Free Learn & Transform Class Details

Join is tomorrow July 25th at 3pm Eastern (Toronto Time) to Release your Attachment to FEAR & Difficult Feelings with the intention of FEELING GOOD about Yourself & Your LIFE.

You CAN DO it.

It’s time to usher in a a PEACEFUL WORLD and it starts with you, BY Falling-in-Love with yourself. ONE HEART at a time – ONE Person at at time.

It Starts With YOU!

Call 1-712-770-8098 and enter Conference Code 223724 when prompted. There is no cost to join us and FEEL PEACEFUL, RELAXED & LOVE YOURSELF A LITTLE BIT MORE.

If you’d like a recording of this TRANSFORMATIVE class to listen again and again, send an email to me at and for the sum of $25.00 in U.S. funds I’ll send you a copy.

Grant Connolly