Learn and Transform with ZPoint

Learn Transformational ZPoint with Grant Connolly – Creator of The ZPoint Process

This 9 Hour Pre-recorded Series with included 220+ page downloadable manual – will introduce you to Transformational ZPoint .

ZPoint is a simple, Transformational Process designed to free you from the strong negative emotions and harmful life patterns that tie you to the past and limit your current health, wealth and happiness. It also serves to bring you firmly into the present moment where your true power to find happiness lies.

Transformational ZPoint is about resolving and transforming outstanding emotional issues and relationships and finding freedom from all the ways that you are unhappy.

The purpose of my writing this 220+ manual and guiding individuals through this Intensive Training is to teach the basics of Transformational ZPoint to individuals who wish to transform their own lives and give them POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE tools to help others do the same.

You will be  guided to learn:

  • how to use ZPoint to help you and those you wish to help feel relaxed, peaceful and balanced under almost any circumstances;
  • to permanently release yourself from the effects of past failures, painful relationships, traumatic memories, emotionally based physical issues, body image issues and more;
  • how to easily shift your focus away from those things you don’t want or seek to avoid to those things that give your life purpose and meaning;
  • how to use this incredibly simple technique to clear away all the ways you won’t allow yourself to enjoy the incredible abundance of love, wealth and well-being that constantly surrounds you.

Please note:

Upon successful completion of training, those who wish to do so can submit 10 Case histories where ZPoint was used as the primary Modality and be Certified as a Transformational ZPoint Practitioner. A small reading fee of $95.00 USD will be required to cover additional time involved.