Supporting Bundle

To support you in your efforts we offer the following “ZPoint SUPPORTING BUNDLE” at an irresistible price .

Many people ask if they can download some or all of the recordings and Programs available to Members and listen on portable players and/or cellular telephones. Therefore, we offer you a way to do this and support your courage in making these changes to yourself and your life.

Valued individually at well over $500.00, we offer a special ZPOINT SUPPORTING BUNDLE for only $99.95 in U.S. Dollars. Save your favorites to your mobile devices and repeat your cue word almost anywhere. 

When purchased, links to download these products will be delivered to your email. We encourage you to listen as often as you can and include a wide variety of issues for you to work with.

1Opening to LOVE Again
1Creating New Possibilities with ZPoint
1The ZPoint Eliminating Stress Program
1The ZPoint Eliminating Anger Program
1The ZPoint Eliminating Worry Program
1The ZPoint Eliminating Fear Program
1The ZPoint Freedom from Guilt Program
1The ZPoint Eliminating Grief Program
1The ZPoint Eliminating Shame Program
1Releasing Stress & Anxiety
1Enhancing Physical Well-being with ZPoint
1ZPoint Bedtime Therapy
1Clearing the Next 30 Days
1Allowing Money Program
1Creating Financial Abundance
1ZPoint Q-Cards