Upcoming Classes

Living with Uncertainty – Dates and times to be announced

Our world is in the midst of massive change and that change appears to be accelerating with the election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States.

Starting soon I will be offering a series of online and in-person classes dealing specifically with the uncertainty of how these changes will play out in our lives.  Proposed classes will deal specifically with the following…

  • Releasing the STRESS of Living with Uncertainty
  • Releasing any Anger/Resentment that such change is being forced upon us
  • Releasing any Grief/Sadness/Loss at the stability we seem to be losing
  • Releasing feelings of Depression and/or Powerlessness due to the changes

Dates and times for proposed online classes will be announced within the next week or so.

Also, if you have any suggestions as to what  to cover, please send me an email at grant@acceptingself.com.