What does a having a ZPoint Session Feel Like?

Below is a letter I received around the end of March 2012. I send it on for several reasons. Most important, the the writer clearly and poetically describes what happens during an actual ZPoint session and how it affects the person having the session.

Rely on Peace to activate your manifold powers,
pacify your environment
and create a beautiful world
Morihei Ueshiba

When I received Grant’s email re: Treating the Effects of Trauma with Zpoint, it was like a prayer answered and despite some remaining fear and extreme caution re anything subconscious …

… I registered for the 3 sessions Mar 12, 19 and 26 ’12 in the hope that it would help me release some built up trauma, the extent of which I had only become aware of at the end of last August, years after the actual event(s).
I had no idea what I was in for. It is the closest I had ever come to ‘leap and trust that the net will appear’.

Now, on the other side of those 14 days, I feel as though I could write volumes about my experience. It is astounding how much ground was covered in the just under 3 hours with Grant, my trusted, expert, increasingly respected and beloved guide through what I have come to think of as the grand rapids of the subconscious. It now feels as though we have known each other for ages and in a way we have, as our journey together spanned across 50 odd years – and then some.

Before Zpoint, for a while there I felt as though I had been thrown into the turbulent pool just before the raging rapids… I felt that since I was already there, making the journey through could be immensely beneficial, life changing and even exhilarating on reaching the other end – but also treacherous and dangerous in parts, especially were you to go alone or with someone inexperienced. Faced with several choices, rather than just finding my way out of the churning waters and forgetting about the rest, I decided to follow my instincts based largely on the inexplicable yet tremendous trust I felt, take the outstretched hand of what at first seemed just to be a kindly stranger, and get on his raft.

What a guide, what a journey.

There were times I felt Grant was teaching me, so I could do this on my own at another time, if need be
There were times I felt he was helping me understand what was going on and where we were heading and letting me know that everything was alright. There was a time I kind of tuned out without quite realizing it, not wanting to ‘think about it’ once ‘it’ was all in the releasing circle, as if letting him do all the work. He gently guided me back and I quickly learned that there was much greater benefit in actively participating.

The time right after that I did stay consciously present and realized the tremendous gift he had given me: I noticed that by being fully conscious in the present moment while reviewing and accepting whatever it is that wanted to surface from the past was an opportunity to see things in a new light, from a broader perspective, and then just let it go… and even better, I noticed the fear and the hold I thought ‘it’ had on me, had actually vanished during the process…

There were several times I felt as though I was doing this on my own, temporarily left to my own devices – finding my way through rapid successions of flash-backs, insights, connections, realizations, releases … followed by ever greater peace and understanding – but always knowing he was right there should I need him, and that he would make his presence known again when the time was right
There were one or two times I felt I was getting so close to ‘the edge’, I started to feel concern that getting any closer just might accidentally send me over and I felt my guards starting to rise … but Grant never let that happen, nowhere near.

And then there was that one time in particular where I felt as though we were navigating so closely, intensely and precisely together, as if with one movement, one breath, one vision, one inhalation suspended as we went over the edge together – quite deliberately this time, holding our breath through the temporary turbulence, then exhaling as one, as we landed safely and expertly on the other side.

After that, just as I thought we were navigating in calmer waters now, with not another drop in sight – I felt as though he had thrown me a curveball when I wasn’t looking:- a seemingly innocent question of my subconscious
Instantly I was hit with a surprising force of emotions so strong, as if the dam retaining years of unfelt, un-cried tears had finally collapsed under the pressure and for a minute there everything seemed quite out of control as I found myself sobbing hysterically … but after a few moments, before I could even really get concerned about it, the tears had dried as if by magic and by the time Grant checked in with me again, I felt perfectly calm; an amazing peace seemed to emanate from my being, and I was actually able to answer him when he gently asked me ‘How’re you doing?’

And then there was one more surprising detour where I suddenly found myself small and totally alone, confused, in what seemed to be a large dark, enclosed space, no point of reference, not expecting anyone, not knowing where I was, what was going on, why I was there, what I needed to do, where I should turn, where I should go … just as I was trying to figure it all out, feeling the need to get out of there somehow and again, before I could get overly concerned …

… I started to see a hand reach down towards me from the top right field of my vision – it appeared to be a female hand but no more, no person that I could see or sense… I reached up to gently grasp it and upon contact, felt a strong energy starting to seep into me and I knew I was regaining my strength and my knowing and that no matter how things seemed, I had never been alone

When I told Grant as much of that image as I could trust myself to share without shedding tears of understanding and gratitude, he quietly said:

It’s gone, isn’t it?

To truly implement the Art of Peace,
you must be able to sport freely
in the manifest, hidden and divine realms.
Morihei Ueshiba

I could not think of a kinder, gentler, more knowing and caring guide for such an important journey and I hope that I have come at least close to expressing my immense gratitude to Grant for being there – and most of all, for being so incredibly present during the process.

He seems to know those rapids inside and out, having travelled over them himself so many times; he could probably do it in his sleep, no need to be present really, even with people on board. He could, but it is so clear that not only is he a very gifted navigator, he also cares deeply for his passenger(s).

Knowing that most of this is probably uncharted territory for you, he cares enough to put you at ease and keep a close watch – although you are muted and he does not hear whether you are repeating the cues or not, paying attention or not, smiling or crying or anything in-between, overwhelmed or not, able to speak or not… he seems to be right there with you, and he checks on you regularly to make sure you are alright … and that is what makes him so special.

Although I realize that I took a risk by putting my trust in a total stranger – especially with something as delicate and intimidating as the subconscious seemed to me to be at the time, and then again, by putting all this in writing – I am so grateful to have followed my intuition and that feeling of deep trust.

At no point in the journey did I feel at risk, or even fearful. No matter what arose, I felt perfectly safe and cared for; there was not one moment where I doubted my senses or regretted my decision, not even close. Plus – and this is difficult to explain – with everything that I experienced or re-experienced, but as if from a distance, I felt fully conscious and aware throughout. I also had the distinct feeling that the process could be stopped or paused at any moment should there be overwhelm, discomfort or worsening of any kind, that I just had to say the word – none of that ever happened, on the contrary, despite the few surprises along the way.

… and most of all, despite several ups and downs, I am in ever greater awe and reverence at the magnificence of life itself, the nature of our being, how our lives unfold, interact and unfold some more; how our being reveals itself on so many levels and in ever more amazing ways – and how the pieces all fit together, even though we may not always understand them

It is an honour and a blessing to be able to connect with and share at least parts of the journey with someone you feel has also come to understand and deeply appreciate life and its unfolding … especially someone who is actively participating in the ongoing, magnificent process.

I definitely consider Grant to be one of them.

When you bow deeply to the universe,
it bows back;
when you call out the name of God,
it echoes inside you.
Morihei Ueshiba
The Art of Peace

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